William P. RIce


William (Bill) P. Rice is an experienced biomedical-clinical engineer having entered the field in 1970. He received an AAS in electronics from Western Technical College in La Crosse, WI, while assisting in the development of one of the first biomedical technician programs. He earned BSs in physics and mathematics from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, WI, and did graduate studies in medical physics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI and North Dakota State, Fargo, ND. Bill established and managed one of first comprehensive biomedical departments in Wisconsin, developed a variety of test devices, and devised a gradient risk algorithm for effective management of medical device life cycle costs. He has expanded hospital biomedical-clinical engineering departments in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Texas. Bill is a member and past Board of Directors member for the American College of Clinical Engineers, has served as a member of AAMI, IEEE/EMB, BETA, and BAW, and on a number of AAMI and TJC advisory committees.

Bill's primary research interests include patient cardiovascular and thermal monitoring management and statistical methods in biomedical-clinical engineering operational management. Bill is often heard saying, "keep the repair shelf clean by 1) proper evaluation of equipment, 2) proper education of users and biomeds, 3) quality, and not necessarily quantity, of preventive maintenance."

Publications include:

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