Washer Decontaminators

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Washer/Decontaminators equipment are used for automatic or semiautomatic washing (i.e., eliminate dirt and/or stains) and removal (i.e., physical decontamination) of organic debris such as blood, fat, bone from soiled devices. These units typically consist of a corrosion-resistant chamber containing baskets or trays for the soiled devices; some can accommodate dedicated trays and/or racks. Washers/decontamination units perform a cycle of operation typically including water prewash, enzyme treatment, detergent wash, heated rinse, and drying; the process includes mechanical removal of contaminants (i.e., physical decontamination) by water jets, and/or ultrasound energy and may include thermal disinfection (usually using water from 60 to 95 degrees Celcius [140 to 203 degrees Fahrenheit]). Dedicated units are available for surgical instruments and other critical devices; simpler units that do not provide the same level of cleaning and physical decontamination are available to clean bedpans, containers, and other noncritical devices and utensils. This equipment may provide some level of disinfection by killing or inactivating several types of microorganisms.


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