Train-the-trainer or one who trains; basically is an instructor. Their sole job is to train or instruct other staff members that are new to their department on a specific medical equipment within their scope of practice. But with that out of the way, nobody needs a PhD (or in most cases -- any degree at all) in education or learning theory to be a good instructor. The best instructors are those that have a joy of teaching others and can listen to their students.

Ten Tips for New Trainers[]

  • 1. Keep lectures to the absolute minimum. If your class involves a combination of lecture and labs, then if you're short on time--always cut the lecture, not the exercises! [1]
  • 2. Cover all important topics.
  • 3. Implement lab exercises and/or scenarios in your presentations.
  • 4. Do group exercises whenever possible. Use groups of no more than 3 to 5!
  • 5. Leave your ego at the door. This is not about, we know you know the materiel its your turn to make sure others know it too.
  • 6. Don't assume that just because you said it, they got it. And don't assume that just because you said it five minutes ago, they remember it now. Reinforce what they understand by asking questions.
  • 7. Give practice tests with 80% passing rates. Offer retests or group discussions to help others that need help!


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