Thermometer, Tympanic

Thermometer, Tympanic


Termometer, Tympanic are middle-ear physiologic analyzers that measure the absorption of acoustic energy by the tympanic membrane and ossicles (tympanic membrane compliance) as a function of the air pressure in the external ear canal; the graphical representation of membrane compliance is referred to as a tympanogram. These analyzers consist of an external instrument (electroacoustic impedance bridge) connected to a probe that is hermetically sealed in the external auditory canal. The probe delivers a fixed-frequency audio tone into the ear canal and monitors the sound-pressure level using a microphone; it is also connected to an external pump-manometer that varies the air pressure variations and performs measurements.


Medline Coviden (Kendall Brands)


Genius 2 - Coviden (Kendall Brands)
MDS9700 - Medline

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