Standard "T"

A tee (also called a "T") is amongst the most common pipe fittings and is available with all female thread sockets, all solvent weld sockets, or with opposed solvent weld sockets and a side outlet with female threads. This is a T-shaped device which has three openings that act as an outlet for the pipe.

A tee is used for connecting pipes of different diameters or for changing the direction of pipe runs. A common type of pipe tee is the STRAIGHT tee, which has a straight-through portion and a 90-degree takeoff on one side. All three openings of the straight tee are of the same size.

Tees (branch outlets) are manufactured as “Equal” or “Reducing”. Equal tees are exactly that, all three ends are of the same size. Reducing tees come with a combination of different outlet sizes. They are used for branch connections in irrigation systems.

Typically, standard Tees are belled on all ends but any combination of belled or plain can be produced. There are many different combination's of sizes. Unusual combination's of sizes can also be achieved using component parts of tees, reducing tees and “street” reducers.