In general, a strainer separates wanted or elements from unwanted material using a tool such as a mesh, net or other filtration or distillation methods, but it is also used for classification of powders by particle size, or for size measurement as an analytical technique. The word "sift" derives from this term. A strainer is a type of sieve typically associated with separating liquids from solids.

These strainers are used in pipelines to protect equipment such as pumps, meters, control valves, steam traps and regulators. These strainers are generally used where the amount of material to be removed is small and when frequent straining is not needed. Y type strainer are widely used for handling steam, these compact and cylindrically shaped strainers are very strong and can handle high pressures. These strainers can be installed both horizontally as well as vertically. Cast iron, bronze, carbon steel, or stainless steel are the common materials used to manufactured these specialized strainers. Iron is most widely used because it costs the least.


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