Slide Stainers

Slide Stainers


Automated Slide stainers are devices that automate the staining of peripheral blood and other hematologic smears to facilitate laboratory microscope differential counts using Wright's stain, a Romanowsky stain. The operator inserts slides into a carrier and selects a time or programmed procedure. Linear transport slide stainers have a transport arm that moves baskets of slides into and out of parallel regent vessels. Robotic arm stainers allow the user to program the stainer to move the robotic arm carrying the slides to the desired bucket. Centrifugal stainers spray reagents onto slides placed in a rotating carousel and uses centrifugal force to remove excess reagents and dry the slides. Linear transport and triaxial arm stainers are microprocessor controlled. The centrifugal slide stainer is controlled by a microprocessor that regulates the amount of stain and wash solution sprayed onto the slide and centrifugation time and speed. Platen stainers apply reagents by capillary action. Slides are placed in grooves on conveyor spirals and moved face down along a platform.





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