Radiographic Unit, Fluoroscopic systems
Radiographic Unit, Fluoroscopic systems

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Mobile R/F units provide radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging in surgical, orthopedic, critical care, and emergency care procedures. They are used to image patients in radiolucent beds, stretchers, or tables when it is not feasible to transport the patient to the radiology department. The fluoroscopic feature allows real-time imaging, which permits quick diagnoses and minimal patient time under anesthesia during surgical procedures.

Compact, scaled-down fluoroscopic imaging systems called mini C-arms are designed for extremity imaging in the emergency room, the operating room,the physician office, and on the industrial site. The user can quickly acquire projections of the patient’s anatomy from various angles while continuously viewing the fluoroscopic images. Radiographic imaging capability may not be provided. The recording of the pattern may occur on film or through electronic means. [1]


GE Medical
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OEC Flexview 8800- GE Medical
OEC Miniview 6800- GE Medical
Stenoscop MDA+- GE Medical

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