Some wireless clocks (model 140021) not syncing. For example after a daylight saving change only half of our clocks would sync. Primex said that our transmitters were not large enough, but we could take some of these clocks and set them right next to the transmitter and they still would not sync.


I was calling Primex to ask if we could buy the board for the clock, when tech support asked what kind of connection my battery pack had. He said if it’s a coil connection that they had found that it untunes the clock and you need to put a capacitor kit (7.50 from them) in parallel with the battery pack. We found this hard to believe at first so we decided to experiment a little. I took a clock that had been sitting on the transmitter that wouldn’t sync, brought down to our office (which is about as far as you can get from the transmitter), and we then clipped in a 10nf cap to the 9v battery connector on the battery back. We could not believe it, the clock synced right away!

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