Patient Simulator

A Patient Simulator. PS420 Fluke tester.


Patient Simulators (also known as ECG testers or "Chicken-Hearts") are testing devices used in performing output measurement tests and performance verification on electrocardiograph and/or defibrillator equipment. Mostly, these multifaceted devices performs primary measurements of a twelve-lead ECGs performance waves (e.g. heartrates, NSR w/ PVCs, V-Tachycardia, V-Fibrillation, Asystole, Bigeminy, Pacer, Trigeminy, ST+, Block, Square Waves), Respiration, Invasive Blood Pressure, Cardiac Output , and Temperature measurements. Lastly, technicians can store, print data, or possibly transfer it to an automated computerized maintainence management system for archival.


  • PS420 - Fluke (Handheld)



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