Ode Keil

Ode Keil


Ode Keil has 24 years of direct experience in the healthcare field of facilities management. Mr. Keil’s background includes thirteen years as the Director of Plant and Technology Management for the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations®. During his tenure with the Joint Commission, Mr. Keil developed the Plant Technology and Safety Management and Management of the Environment of Care® Standards. While at the Joint Commission, Mr. Keil worked on standards development, survey process development, and surveyor education. In addition Mr. Keil has experience as an employee of and consultant to several hundred organizations. As a consultant specializing accreditation and regulation, he has worked with organizations to develop a wide variety of management and compliance programs. Mr. Keil also has 10 years of direct experience in the management of hospital services. He has managed facilities and biomedical engineering departments. In addition, he has served as the risk manager, director of quality management, director of care management, director of medical staff operations, and patient safety officer for acute care and behavioral health organizations.

Mr. Keil is recognized as an expert resource and teacher in the areas of patient safety, management of the environment of care, and performance management. He regularly serves as a key presenter for nationally held educational programs. He is published regularly in FacilityCare and The Journal of Clinical Engineering. In addition, he has served on committees and boards of many important healthcare organizations including ACCE, AAMI, NFPA, and ASHE and has served as a member of many government panels and task forces at the state and national level.[1]



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