NXC Imaging

NXC Imaging started out as Northern X-Ray Company. It was founded by George Myers and Ron Finley in 1964 ( NXC is a medical imaging dealer with a full line of imaging products. They also have a staff that provides pre-install planning, preventative maintenance, and fulfill service agreements for repairs and warranty work.

Company Philosophy[]

The philosophy of NXC is to measure its success in partnerships with its customers instead of in dollars like many other companies ( The idea of partnership can be seen throughout the company. This is most evident in the fact that NXC is now an employee owned company.

Mission Statement[]

The mission statement for the company is Never Ordinary: striving to deliver impressive and spectacular service; an experience that is far superior to the completion. They want to be the resource partner of choice for customers in the territories that they cover (


The territory that they cover has grown over the years. The territory now reaches from eastern Montana to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and from North Dakota to Northern Iowa, and all spots in between. NXC is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and has several regional offices. Those offices are located in; Duluth, MN; Appleton, WI; and Bismarck, ND (


NXC offers a full range of imaging products. The following list entails the some of the products that NXC handles.

1. CT computed tomography

NXC offers CT products from Toshiba including their Aquillion line of products. The Aquillion One CT unit offers greater coverage and dynamic volume CT capture (Greater Coverage – Dynamic Volume CT). This means that with this unit it is possible to scan a heart in a single heartbeat.

2. MRI magnetic resonance imaging

NXC offers MRI equipment from Toshiba including Toshiba’s Vantage and Opart lines of MRI. The Toshiba Vantage Titan is built to increase patient comfort. This is achieved by having a 71 cm aperture and an ultra-short open bore for the unit (Patient-Focused Care). The Opart MRI is a cryogenless, superconducting, mid-field, open design MRI (

3. CR and DR x-ray products, computed and digital/direct radiography

a. DR upgrade installation

4. Bone Density equipment

5. Mammography equipment

NXC offers Hologic mammography equipment. One example of the Hologic mammography equipment that is offered is the Hologic Selenia. The Hologic Selenia is a screening only digital mammography unit (Selenia S). 6. PACS Systems – picture archiving and communications system

7. Diagnostic Ultrasound

8. Cardiac/Vascular systems – angiography equipment

These systems are some of the products that NXC offers. They also offer consumables, the products that are required to operate/maintain these systems, such as film, x-ray tubes, and protective clothing (

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