Lineman's pliers

Lineman's (Combination) pliers


Lineman's pliers (US English), also called combination pliers and commonly referred to in the USA and Canada as Kleins after Klein Tools, are a type of pliers used by electricians and other tradesmen for gripping small objects, to cut and bend wire and cable. Lineman's pliers have a gripping joint at their snub nose, and cutting edge in their craw, and insulating handle grips that reduce (but do not eliminate) the risk of electric shock from contact with live wires (versions with properly tested and guaranteed insulation in two colors to make faults visible are also available). Some versions include either an additional gripping or crimping device at the crux of the handle side of the pliers' joint. Lineman's pliers typically are machined from forged steel and the two handles precisely joined with a heavy-duty rivet that maintains the pliers' accuracy even after repeated use under extreme force on heavy-gauge wire.