"In 1986, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations JCAHO created the wholly-owned, not-for-profit subsidiary Quality Healthcare Resources (QHR), whose sole service line was the provision of domestic technical assistance. In 1994, The Joint Commission and QHR formed Joint Commission International (JCI) to provide educational and technical assistance services to international clients. These services also included providing assistance to Ministries of Health for establishing national accrediting organizations and quality assessment services, as well as developing national standards and helping individual organizations improve quality.

In 1998, The Joint Commission’s Board of Commissioners established Joint Commission Resources (JCR), which merged QHR and JCI.

In August 2005, The Joint Commission and JCI were named as the first World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Patient Safety Solutions. The Collaborating Centre is one of six major components of the WHO’s World Alliance for Patient Safety. The Collaborating Centre’s goals are to create an international network that will permit the systematic identification, evaluation, and dissemination of patient safety solutions; develop an in-depth understanding of potential barriers to the adoption of patient safety solutions in various countries or world regions; begin devising strategies to facilitate adaptation of patient safety solutions where unique cultural or health care delivery characteristics exist; and distribute solutions free of charge through a Web-based library."[1]


CR offers a comprehensive suite of health care education products and services. From our national conferences and webinars led by leaders in health care, to our up-to-the-minute manual on Joint Commission accreditation standards and much more, JCR has the tools your organization needs to maintain accreditation and continue to improve patient safety and quality of care.


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