100 IBP

Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring

Invasive blood pressure (IBP) is a closed, fluid-filled system of measuring blood pressure internally by using a sensitive IV catheter inserted directly into an artery. This provides a more accurate reading of the patent's current blood pressure via a transducer connected to a monitor. This is usually used where rapid variations of blood pressure are anticipated.

Problem Solving[]

A IBP most common problem during preventive maintenance sometimes the transducer position can be offset (transducer height below patients heart = low blood pressure) can set off a ““low pressure” alarms. These transducer IVs should be inspected, leveled or replaced as required by the manufacturers recommendation intervals.

Performance Checks[]

  • Transducer re-zeroing
  • Alarms
  • Knobs
  • IV catheter Size and Position
    • Normal placement of a catheter for IBP is the tip level with the transducer.
  • Tubing Size
  • Patient Position