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Federation of Medical Equipment Support Associations has been formed, is operational, and is accepting members. The FMESA was created in early 2009 to unite the "Biomed" Profession. In the past Biomed had been somewhat fragmented and had many voices. The founders of this organization wanted to bring these many voices together into one strong voice that could speak for everyone. One voice that could represent the many Biomeds thru their state and local Biomed Societies and Associations. This is how the FMESA was created.

Recognition and Thanks are hereby given to the FMESA Organization Founders. Each served as participating members of the Iterim Executive Committee as the group was formed and until the current Board of Directors was elected at the First Biomed Congress meeting held at the MD Expo in September 2009.


Please visit our website at for complete information on our mission, goals, organization, and to read an FAQ about FMESA. In short, FMESA is designed solely to bring together the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of the individual Biomeds through the various local Biomedical Associations across the country, in an attempt to present a unified voice to the rest of the world. FMESA will hold an annual Congress which will be similar to the Congress of the United States. We plan to receive proposals or “Bills” from the member associations throughout the year, and then refine them into proclamations, white papers, resolutions or simply statements. These are voted on by the membership, and, if a majority approve, are released to the public as the voice of the biomedical profession. The First Biomedical Congress was held in Nashville, Tennessee at the MD Expo. At that time, we approved Bylaws, elected a Board of Directors, and approved two Resolutions. Resolution 01-01 states that it is desirable that every Biomedical Association in the US should distribute all of their newsletters and announcements to every other Biomedical Association in the US. Resolution 01-02 states that it is desirable that every Biomedical Association in the US should distribute all of their newsletters and announcements to all of the Amicorum Biomedicorum. This is our name for the “Friends of the Biomed”. It includes such organizations as Joint Commission, FDA, AAMI, META, ACCE, ASHE, AHA, or any other not-for-profit organization that have substantial interaction with the Biomedical profession. The 2nd Biomedical Congress will be held next October, 2010 at the MD Expo in Austin, Texas. There are 4 membership categories – Associations, Amicorum Biomedicorum, Employers, and Educational Institutions. Individuals cannot join FMESA. We encourage all eligible organizations to join FMESA so that we can begin the process of bringing some order and commonality to the profession.



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