What is a wiki?[]

Wiki is a type of software that allows users to edit web pages. See WhatIsWiki for further details.

How can I edit?[]

Just click the edit link on any page. Read the tutorial

Do I need to give my email address to register?[]

No. We would like to keep the site as open as possible to begin with. However, you are encouraged to provide your email address in case you forget your password.

What software does Wikia run on?[]

All Wikia use MediaWiki, the wiki engine which also runs Wikipedia. The MediaWiki software is available under the GPL.

How do I search Wikia?[]

You can search Wikia wikis using the search box which appears in the side bar.

Who owns the copyright on Wikia?[]

Copyright stays with the original author, but if you upload your content here, then you agree to licence that under the terms of the GFDL. This means other people can reuse and change your work as long as they meet the terms of that licence.

What are namespaces?[]

Namespaces are used to distinguish between different types of content. Information about users goes in the "user namespace". This means the page title starts with "User:". For example, User:Jasonr is a page about Jason in the User namespace.

How complete is Wikia?[]

Different wikis will have different levels of completeness. None of the wikis are "finished" since they are all open to further editing.

What is an administrator?[]

An administrator (also known as an admin or a sysop) on the wiki is simply a trusted user who has the ability to delete or protect pages on the wiki.

Can I use HTML on wiki pages?[]

Yes, but it is easier to use wikitext.

Do I need to enable cookies to use Wikia?[]

You will if you want to edit while logged in. You can choose to edit as an unregistered user, but this means fewer options are available to you (such as moving pages).

Someone deleted the content I added. What can I do?[]

If your edit was vandalism, it may have been reverted. If you believe the reversion was a mistake, you can discuss this on the talk page of the article concerned.

Can I use Wikia content on my site?[]

Yes, as long as you abide by terms of the GFDL.

Who checks the edits?[]

Any user can check edits. Any user can revert bad edits, though administrators can do this more easily than other users.

Where can I report bugs?[]

The best place to do this is in Inside Wikia forums.

Where can I get more help?[]

You can ask questions at User: Jandkcompton.