Need to set the JCAHO required equipment management plan AND you want to automatically make sure it is followed?[]

No problem, with HEMS automated PM scheduling, Risk assignment by Type and Model/Manufacturer and grouping by department, type, model/manf, location or equipment item the setup and implementation are easy.

Need the report quick?[]

One click CE State, JCAHO, NFPA, and Sterilization compliance reporting.

Need to float so you don't have to sweat the small stuff?[]

HEMS enables float for one or multiple equipment items. Tell HEMS what you want - such as these equipment types for these departments and then let HEMS worry about automating your request for change with one click.

Want to know the vendors who provide a replacement for the overpriced or unavailable OEM part?[]

HEMS' Replacement Parts associates by model so you always know who to contact for the deal.

Want to capture the front and back plate of a new equipment model?[]

Take a snap (photo) and HEMS automatically attaches the model picture to each new item placed in the inventory. HEMS Contract module enables scanning of contract details and the service forms. Never miss the details or get lost trying to find them on your desktop. One click and they become part of your HEMS shared library of CE information.

Need to have an interface to the Datrend ES601 or Fluke medTester?[]

HEMS has a two-way, automated and completely error free interface to the ES601 and medTester. Check the other CMMS interfaces and you will find that they do not include the ability to check in new equipment and open new work order. HEMS DOES!

Need to assign an equipment device type, model/manufacturer or particular devices to a particular biomed or manager?[]

HEMS automates this process with just a few clicks!

Need an interface to a Pocket PC, Web? Need a report on your boss's desktop every Friday in a form he can understand? Are you under pressure to produce a list of equipment as candidates for the three year capital equipment plan? Need to manage service contracts? Need to automate the process of updating work requesters about the status of their work requests because secretarial support is gone? Need to collect quality surveys that provide proof positive that the low cost per service ratio your department provides to the hospital (as opposed to the outsourcing company that is always calling the CFO) does not mean lousy service?[]

Get HEMS and get the answer = Yes, I had these questions but I don't anymore! By the way, I just scored a nice fat raise and hired two more techs for the imaging work we just took in house.






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