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Dräger Medical manufacturing has been tackling the challenges of its markets since 1889. Since then, generations of enterprising visionaries have carried on with Dräger’s traditional entrepreneurial spirit and delight in technically innovative concepts, as have the family of founder Heinrich Dräger, who continue to actively uphold his spirit in the Dräger Group down to the present day.

A company history spanning over 110 years. Ever since the company was founded in the year 1889, Dräger has successfully faced up to the technological challenges of its markets. From the pressure reducer valve to the very latest in device technology – countless patents in the areas of medical technology, safety technology and aerospace technology were registered up to 2003. And development still continues today...

Dräger Safety protects human life in more than thirty countries around the world with its own subsidiaries, with innovative products, services, and system solutions, in the areas Gas Measuring Technology, Personal Protection, Diving, System Technologies and Service.


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