"Data-Trak, Inc. publishes, develops and supports Microsoft Windows personal computer software for asset maintenance and management. Data-Trak was the first company to develop maintenance software specifically for small to mid-sized maintenance organizations with emphasis on low entry cost and ease of use.

Data-Trak incorporated in 1984 as a subsidiary of Freeport Welding, a welding and fabrication shop for the petrochemical industry. From 1984 until 1993 the company's focus was developing specialized fabrication software.

Increasing federal regulation and costly reactive maintenance practices prompted Freeport Welding to research the availability of off-the-shelf computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). The search resulted in a list of maintenance systems that were expensive and difficult to use and implement. Freeport Welding decided that it would develop it's own Windows based package in-house through Data-Trak.

The development effort focused on the following guidelines: Microsoft Windows compatibility, intuitive easy to use interface that is flexible and universal

One year of planning, coding and testing yielded Atlas Equipment Manager (version 1.0). As the program further developed, Freeport Welding realized how their efforts could help the thousands of companies like them that needed an easy to use, cost effective software tool to manage equipment maintenance.

Data-Trak has sold thousands of copies of Atlas worldwide. Data-Trak's customer base cuts across industry lines and company types."[1]


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