100 small NB113 Dart Daily Air Remova

DART or Bowie Dick Test

The Dart Daily Air Removal Test or Bowie Dick Test is an easy and accurate way to test air removal and steam penetration in prevacuum steam sterilizers.

This easy to use product is a light weight, compact, one piece system that is pre-assembled and ready for use. It eliminates the need to spend time folding towels and preparing packs necessary for traditional Bowie Dick Test Packs.

  • Results are immediately visible and easy to read through the clear vial.
  • The indicator strip is easy to retrieve and can be stored as a permanent record.
  • Most important, the Dart Daily Air Removal Test is reproducible. The inconsistencies associated with traditional Bowie Dick Test Packs are eliminated.

Dart Daily Air Removal Test – an innovative concept for evaluating air removal efficacy in prevacuum steam sterilizers.