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Certified Clinical Engineer (CCE) is an advanced certification for engineers offered by the Health-care Technology Foundation (HTCC) at testing centers around the world. In 2008, in order to take the certification test, applicants may have a minimum of three years experience working as a clinical engineer and four years of engineering practice.


In 1974, Thomas Hargest earned the very first certification title as a clinical engineer. In 1991, Frank Painter became the first CCE under the new ACCE association. [1]


The Clinical engineering certification is a three-step process:

  • (1) application review by the US Board of Examiners for Clinical Engineering Certification
  • (2) pass 150 written examination and
  • (3) pass 1 3/4 hour oral examination.

The test covers five subject areas: Technology Management, Service Delivery Management, Product Development, Testing, Evaluation, & Modification, IT/Telecommunications, Education of Others, Facilities Management, Risk Management/Safety, Anatomy & Physiology, and General Management. The test is 150 questions of which you must answer 100 correct questions (67%) to pass the exam.

Study Information[]

Example written questions[]

Disclaimer: The following are not actual test questions.

  • 1. What is PACs?
  • 2. If an infant patient monitored on an apnea/ECG monitor suffers a 10-second period of obstructive apnea, which of the following is characteristic?
  • 3. Capnography measures which of the following?

Example oral questions[]

Disclaimer: The following are not actual test questions.

The oral exam is three written scenarios and the examiner will ask five or six additional questions per scenario. So, if one scenario is about equipment acceptance then you have 30 minutes to write down your thoughts about how you will present the material orally. Lastly, an examiner ask the examiee a similar oral example question "given the health-care institutions flexibility to assign a limited amount of dollars on a project. How would you go forth managing such project?"

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