• Bryanlen

    Probe Testing

    February 7, 2016 by Bryanlen

    Probe testing service by Probelogic Pty Ltd.
    Routine probe testing can reveal probe degradation that is not immediately apparent to the Sonographer or Service Engineer.

    Our experience has shown that approximately 25% of all probes on ultrasound systems aged 2 years or over, have some form of internal structural defect.

    Probe testing and analysis is a three step process that will uncover any degradation that has occurred within the entire structure of the transducer.

    Digital Analysis
    A quantitative interrogation of the transducer’s electrical and acoustic properties is carried out on Probelogic’s Digital Analyser.

    Every transducer is carefully inspected under a high powered microscope for surface imperfections and perforations.


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  • Medicalhospital

    Hospitals are well known for the betterment of public by curing their medical problems and diseases. A good environment of hospital is necessary for treatment of disease. Hospital furniture plays an important role in medical treatment. Where good quality furniture helps patients to feel comfort while their stay in hospital also helps doctor in treatment of patients with ease and comfort.

    Hospital Tables are used in hospitals in many purposed while treatment of patients. Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd popularly known as DESCO India is leading manufacturer of Hospital Tables and other hospital furniture with modern equipments.

    Hospital Tables by DESCO India

    Hospital Tables are used for plastering, cure and dressing of wounds in hospitals. DE…

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  • BiomedGuy

    The following Charitable organizations are places where Biomeds can make a difference.

    1. Engineering World Health ( conducts multi-year teaching programs in other countries.  They often need instructors, especially in specialty areas.
    2. MedShare, International - A great place to donate unneeded medical equipment.  Offices and warehouses in Atlanta and Northern California.
    3. ACCE - American College of Clinical Engineering - ( conducts international training seminars several times a year.
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  • BiomedGuy

    BMETWiki Makeover

    February 2, 2013 by BiomedGuy

    BMETWiki has had a makeover. Cast your vote to let BMETWikipedians know if you like it or not. Don't forget to share your knowledge. The Wiki belongs to YOU!!!

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  • BiomedGuy

    Come visit any of our social networking communities. 1. Twitter 2. Facebook 3. YouTube

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  • Lickettty

    My daily blog

    February 1, 2012 by Lickettty

    Visit my daily blog at I update this every weekday. Pat

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