Author: Carlos R. Villafane, CBET


This book is for Spanish-Speaking biomeds and students.

For the English version, see Biomed: From the Student's Perspective, Book

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January 7, 2009

Author Carlos R. Villafane, CBET, has just launched his first publication, titled: “Biomedica: Desde la Perspectiva del Estudiante” ("Biomed: From the Student’s Perspective”).

The Biomed Technicians and Clinical Engineers are responsible of repairing, calibrating and maintaining all kind of medical and electronic equipment that are used in hospital facilities, from blood pressure machines up to life-saving equipment.

Villafane said that the idea of writing the book came up when he noticed the lack of material in Spanish about the Biomed field and the difficulties he had as a student in Puerto Rico years ago.

The author says: "Most of the technical books that we use in Puerto Rico come from the US and are written in English. So learning a technical career requires a greater effort from each student, as English is not their first language. I also noticed that we have a young audience that really needs help before entering the work field. There is a huge difference between the theory that we learn at the University and the practice. We go to the Biomed field well prepared theoretically, but then we encounter a world that requires practical knowledge and experience in the field. I think my book is filling that void, helping the student to see (in advance) what he will encounter in this specialized field, and most importantly, how to progress in this industry."

The author also points out that he wants to create awareness of the enormous importance that the Biomedical Engineering Department has in every hospital. There is a lack of understanding about their crucial work, even by other medical professionals.

The 164 pages publication has been written as simple as possible, and is full of illustrations. Villafane mentions: "I used many illustrations of modern equipment because that way the students can familiarize with the medical equipment that he or she will be working on in the future, and can identify them when visiting any health center."

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Carlos Villafane is 36 years old and currently resides in Tampa, FL. He has been involved in the Electronics field since 1989 and has worked for companies such as Panasonic, GE Healthcare and Baycare Health System, among others. He has studies in Electronics and Biomedical Engineering technologies, and recently finished his BS in Technical Management. He’s a member and webmaster for the Bay Area Association of Medical Instrumentation ( in Tampa Bay, FL.

His book can be purchased online from his website: . It can also be ordered through online bookstores such as Barnes and Noble ( using the following data: • ISBN: 0615241581 • ISBN-13: 9780615241586

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