Biomed is a moniker for our field.

Example: I'm from the Biomed department, I'm a Biomed Engineer and here to help you with your broken defib.

Other Names:

  • Bio-Med
  • Biomedical Engineer (Engineering Service)
  • Biomedical Engineering Technician
  • Biomedical Equipment Support Spec. (CT/NucMed)
  • Biomedical Equipment Support Specialist
  • Biomedical Equipment Support Specialist-Networking
  • Biomedical Equipment Technician
  • Biomedical PACS Network Administrator
  • BMED
  • BMET
  • Clinical Engineer
  • Clinical Engineering Equipment Technician
  • Clinical Engineering Technician
  • Electronics Technician (Biomedical)
  • Medical Equipment Repairer/Worker (really old term)
  • MERC (Air Force Biomed's know this term)
  • Supervisory Biomedical Engineer (Chief)
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