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The Nephros Dual Stage Ultrafilter (DSU), based on a patented medical grade Mid-Dilution Hemodiafilter, is a significant breakthrough in providing affordable and reliable water filter technology. The Nephros DSU is a .005 micron filter designed to remove a broad spectrum of bacteria, viral agents and biological toxins. These toxins include salmonella, hepatitis, HIV, Ebola viruses, legionella, fungi and e-coli. The DSU removes these harmful substances more effectively than other water filters currently on the market. In July 2009, the DSU for dialysis received it's FDA Medical Device (510k).

The Nephros DSU’s unique design and materials ensure high flow rates and long life. The true redundant design provides the highest confidence in filter integrity and performance. The Nephros DSU is a truly cost effective, simple and compact means to reliably produce on-site ultrapure water where you need it, when you need it.

Common areas of use ICU/NICU
Burn Unit
Geriatrics, Hemodialysis (acute & home)
Eye surgery centers


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