Benchmarking are any standard(s) or reference by which others can be measured or judged.[1] There are several benchmarks a clinical engineering shop can generate and here are a few:

Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPI or Key Success Indicators (KSI), help an organization define and measure progress toward its goals.

They differ depending on the organization. A business may have as one of its Key Performance Indicators the percentage of its income that comes from return customers. A Customer Service department may have as one of its KPIs the percentage of customer calls answered in the first minute. A Key Performance Indicator for a development organization might be the number of defects in their code.

You may need to measure several things to be able to calculate the metrics in your KPIs. To measure progress toward its customer calls KPI, the Customer Service (CS) department will need to measure (count) how many calls it receives. It must also measure how long it takes to answer each call. Then the CS Manager can calculate the percentage of customer calls answered in the first minute and manage toward improving that KPI. [2]


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