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Larger, more elaborate air mattresses ("air beds") have come on the market in recent years that are intended for guest use, or as permanent beds in the bedroom. Sizes range for temporary air beds range from twin to king, however few guest bed manufacturers offer king, as the majority of guest air beds are sold outside of the United States, where king size mattresses are not standard. Most permanent air beds can use conventional (standard) sheets and bedding, which are very easy to find, for purchase. Cal. King or Western King sheets and bedding may be more difficult to find as this size was originally conceived for the waterbed industry.

Raised guest or temporary beds are typically raised off the ground to keep users away from the floor and offer a more traditional mattress experience. Though 'raised' air beds are off the ground they are not designed for full time use, as the base of the bed is an air chamber and not a solid foundation.

Maintenance Data[]

Listed are recommended maintenance cycles that can be loaded within local computerized maintenance management systems. These cycles can also be used to estimate average monthly cycle inspections, PMs, and calibrations with average technician hours. Disclaimer: It is recommended to consult OEM cycles.

Maintenance cycles (in months) with estimated technician hours (in minutes)
Months Minute(s) Risk Level
Safety Inspection (INSP) 12 15 Low
Preventive Maintenance (PM) 12 60 N/A
Calibration (CAL) 0 0 N/A
Schedule Parts Replacement (SPR) 0 0 N/A
Acceptance Inspection (AI) 0 120 N/A


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