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The following are a list of medical, international, and government associations and societies.


Alberta Clinical Engineering Society

Association of Biomedical Engineering Technologists [1]

Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Association of Ireland

Biomedical Engineering Society (Singapore)

Clinical Engineering Association Of South Africa

Danish Society for Biomedical Engineering

German Association of Biomedical Engineering

IAMERS (International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers)

Institute of Biomedical Engineering Technology (IBET)- British Columbia, Canada[2]

Japan Association for Clinical Engineering Technologists


Alabama Biomedical Society[3]

Arizona Biomedical Association (Yahoo Groups) (ABA)[4]

Arizona Medical Instrumentation Association

Arkansas Association for Healthcare Engineering (Hospital Engineers)

Bay Area Association of Medical Instrumentation, Tampa, FL (BAAMI)[5]

Baltimore Medical Engineers and Technicians Society (BMETS)[6]

Biomedical Engineering Society of Texas (BEST)[7]

Biomedical Associations of Wisconsin (BAW)[8]

Biomedical Association of South Wisconsin (BASW)
Biomedical Electronic Technicians Association (BETA)
Biomedical Technology Alliance (BTA)
Eastern Wisconsin Biomedical Association (EWBA)
Western Wisconsin Biomedical Association (WWBA)

Biomedical Instrumentation Society of Eastern Pennsylvania (BISEP)

California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA)[9]

Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose)
Capital City (Sacramento)
Central Coastal
Central Valley
Inland Empire
Los Angeles
Nor Cal
San Diego

Colorado Association of Biomedical Equipment Technicians (CABMET)

East Tennessee Biomedical Association (ETBA)[10]

Florida Biomedical Society (FBS)[11]

Northeast Florida Association of Medical Instrumentation (NEFAMI) (Ch FBS - Jacksonville area)
Gulf Coast Biomedical Society (Ch FBS-Pensacola)
South Florida Association for Medical Instrumentation (SFAMI) (Ch FBS-Miami area) SFAMI
Suncoast Association of Medical Instrumentation - Central West coast of Florida (Ch FBS)

Gateway Biomedical Society (GBS)- St Louis Missouri area [12]

Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society (GBIS)[13]

Healthcare Technology Management Association of the Mid-West (HTMA-MW) [14]







Heartland Biomedical Association (HBA)

Hospital Engineers of Southwestern Pa (Pittsburgh area)

Clinical Engineering Association of Illinois (CEAI)(Chicagoland)[15]

Indiana Biomedical Society (IBS)

Intermountain Clinical Instrumentation Society ICIS - Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana[16]

Kansas Hospital Engineers Accn (KHEA)

Kentucky Association for Medical Instrumentation (KAMI) [[17]]

Lower Alabama Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Society (LABACES) - Alabama (defunct)

Medical Equipment Technical Society (METS) (west Pa)

Medical Equipment and Technology Association

Michigan Society of Clinical Engineering (MSCE)[18]

Middle Tennessee Bio Medical Association

Mid-America Clinical Engineering Society

Mid-Eastern Pennsylvania Clinical Instrumentation Society (MEPCIS)

Mid-South Biomedical Association (MSBA) Cordova, TN [19]

Midwest Biomedical Society

National Capital Healthcare Engineering Society (NCHES)

New England Society of Clinical Engineering (NESCE)[20]

New Jersey Biomedical Engineering Society (NJBES)

North Carolina Biomedical Association (NCBA)[21]

North Central Biomedical Association - Minnesota (NCBA)[22]

North Texas Biomedical Association (NTBA)

Northern New England Society of Biomedical Technology (NNESBT)- ME, NH & VT [23]

NY/PENN Biomedical Society

Orange County BMET Society (OCBMETS) (So Cal)[24]

Ohio Clinical Engineering Association (OCEA)[25]

Oklahoma Association for Healthcare Engineering (OKAHE)[26]

Philadelphia Area Medical Instrumentation Association (PAMIA)[27]

Society for the Improvement of Biomedical Technology (The Biomed group in North Alabama)

Puerto Rico Biomedical Association (PRBA)[28]

South Carolina Biomedical Association (SCBA)[29]

Southeast Texas Clinical Engineering Society (SETCES)[30]

Tulsa Area Biomedical Equipment Technicians Association (name changed to Mid-America - MACES)

Virginia Biomedical Association (VBA)[31]

Washington State Biomedical Association (WSBA)[32]

West Virginia Biomedical Association

U.S. Government[]

CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) [33]

CDC (Centers for Disease Control) [34]

CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) [35]

EPA (Environment Protection Agency) [36]

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) [37]


AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) [38]

AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) [39]

ACCE (American College of Clinical Engineering)[40]

ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering) [41]

ASHRM (American Society Healthcare Risk Management) [42]

Healthcare Tech Talk formerly Biomed Chatter   



BMES (Biomedical Engineering Network) [43]

ECRI (Emergency Care Research Institute) [44]

FMESA (Federation Medical Equipment Support Association)[45]

META (Medical Equipment & Technology Association)[46]

RSNA (Radiological Society of North America)[47]

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