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A medical device that provides anesthesia to patients traditionally of having sensation (including the feeling of pain) blocked or temporarily taken away. This allows patients to undergo surgery and other procedures without the distress and pain they would otherwise experience. Another definition is a "reversible lack of awareness", whether this is a total lack of awareness (e.g. a general anesthetic) or a lack of awareness of a part of the body such as a spinal anesthetic or another nerve block would cause. Anesthesia differs from analgesia in blocking all sensation, not only pain. Anesthesia is pharmacological induced reversible state of Amnesia,Analgesia,Loss of consciousness, Loss of skeletal muscle reflexes and decreased stress response. The current inhaled general anesthetic agents are :Desflurane, Enflurane, Halothane, Isoflurane, Nitrous Oxide, Sevoflurane, and Xenon (rarely used).

Life Support[]

"The following definition appears in the glossary of the JCAHO 2009 Comprehensive Accreditation Manual:

Life Support Equipment: Any device used for the purpose of sustaining life and whose failure to perform its primary function, when used according to manufacturer’s instructions and clinical protocol, will lead to patient death in the absence of immediate intervention (examples include ventilators connected to anesthesia units, heart-lung bypass machines).


  • Penlon
  • Datex Ohmeda
  • Spacelabs Medical
  • Drager


  • Ohmeda, Mod II, Mod II Plus, Mod CD, Excel 110, 210, 110 SE, 210 SE, Mod SE, Aestiva, Aespire, Avance, Aisys
  • Ohmeda Ventilators, 7000, 7800, 7810, 7100, 7900
  • Oxygen Monitors, 5100 and 5120.
  • Volume Monitor 5400, 5410
  • Pressure Monitor 5500
  • Drager: 2, 2A, B, C, 3, 4, Apollo, Fabius GS premium, Fabius MRI, Fabius Tiro, Fabius Tiro M
  • Spacelabs Medical: BleaseSirius,BleaseFocus, BleaseGenius MRI

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Aneserv Medical, Inc. Atlanta, GA, Phone 770-781-8025

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Aneserv Medical, Inc. 770-781-8025,, Anesthesia sales and service, PM contracts for NC, SC, GA, TN.





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