Point of Care Analyzer
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The devices measure blood glucose or hemoglobin, as well as blood gas levels. Point-of-care blood analysis is aimed at providing immediate test results of a patient’s plasma. This allows the doctor to screen, diagnose and monitor the patient’s status before hospitalization, or in emergency situations. Point-of-care blood testing is a both fast and effective way to test patient’s plasma for irregularities on-site. The test results from hand held devices are consistent with central lab results, and the time taken to obtain them is significantly less. These tests use only a small amount of fresh blood, which can eliminate complications from using larger samples; the single-use cartridges are easily disposed of as bio-hazard. Specimen collection, storage, and transportation are complications of regular lab blood testing that are reduced through point-of-care testing. This method does not require extensive training in order for it to be used, and allows physicians to test within their own practices rather than relying on outsourcing. In the long term, this method proves to be more cost effective for both practitioner and patient than lab testing. It cuts back on personnel costs in laboratories, and the potentially high costs of hospitalization for the patient.





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