Analyzer, Amino Acid
Analyzer, Amino Acid

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Amino Acid Analyzer is a laboratory instrument used for amino acid and protein sequence testng. Protein sequencing is determining the amino acid sequences of its constituent peptides; and also determining what conformation it adopts and whether it is complexed with any non-peptide molecules. Discovering the structures and functions of proteins in living organisms is an important tool for understanding cellular processes, and allows drugs that target specific metabolic pathways to be invented more easily.

The two major direct methods of protein sequencing are mass spectrometry and the Edman degradation reaction. It is also possible to generate an amino acid sequence from the DNA or mRNA sequence encoding the protein, if this is known. However, there are a number of other reactions which can be used to gain more limited information about protein sequences and can be used as preliminaries to the aforementioned methods of sequencing or to overcome specific inadequacies within them.


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