The ABS has gone inactive because of lack of interest. Anyone interested in restarting it should contact Kelvin Knight at Children's Hospital. (2/9/2016, PK Lynch)


Based in Birmingham, the Alabama Biomedical Society (and the first chapter of the ABS) is endeavoring to create a state-wide organization, which can have chapters that serve the needs of the Biomeds. (Biomeds is the preferred term to refer to both BMETs, biomedical engineers, clinical engineers, and radiology engineers which work to support medical equipment in hospitals. Biomeds may work for hospitals, manufacturers, third parties or professional service companies. We believe that there are lessons to be learned and information to be shared from all of these Biomeds.

That is up to the Biomeds in an area. Looking at a map, it seems logical to have at least 4. Possible names for the 4 regions are:

Gulf Coast (Mobile),
River Heritage (Montgomery),
Central (Birmingham), and
Mountain (Huntsville).

Additional details can be obtained from
Sonja Judge, President, UAB (205-934-3729),
Kelvin Knight, Vice President, Childrens (205-939-9602) or
Tim Townley, Treasurer, UAB, (205 975-6070)
Patrick Lynch, Secretary, GMI, (704-941-0116)
George Dudchock, Keeper of the Documents, RMC-Anniston (256-235-5697)


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