A Practicum for Biomedical Technology

by Leslie R. Atles, CCE, CBET

ISBN: 978-0-7575-4890-1

Copyright: 2008

Edition: 01

Number of Pages: 948

Binding: Hard Cover

"This book was designed and written to help broaden and enhance the training of biomedical technicians and clinical engineers. The focus is on three principal areas: Management, Technologies, and Reference information. It is a collaborative effort that includes contributions from many of the profession's leading experts in various aspects and specialties of biomedical technology.

Although not all inclusive, the intention is to provide the novice with a solid foundation to build upon, and to give the seasoned professional the opportunity to revisit, or perhaps rethink, important biomedical technology issues. Whether you are new to the field, or an established professional, hopefully you will find this book of value both in the classroom and in your personal and professional libraries."[1]


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