Kim Pedersen, founder of, got his start in the lighting industry in 1979 when he responded to a newspaper ad for a lighting sales position. Based in Elkhorn, Nebraska, he sold door-to-door throughout the Midwest until 1982 when he relocated to Dallas to work for a national lighting distributor.

13 years later, Kim invested a small amount of savings into starting his own company. The company’s first office was the back bedroom of Kim’s home in Mesquite, Texas. He fashioned a desk from an old door supported by two sawhorses and used a typewriter to prepare invoices.

In 1994, Kim’s nephew suggested he take his small company to the web, and the next year was launched. With a unique website design and a new workforce geared to serve customers, the company grew quickly.

2140 Merritt Dr.,
Garland, TX 75041
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